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    5 Signs You Are a Controlling Wife

    Controlling WifeMy spouse and I were chatting about a job that needed to be completed outside. That conversation immediately devolved into a heated debate.
    The eyes began to roll, and the tone of the conversation became icy.
    “All you have to do now is finish the deck. This is something we can discuss later!”As I turned aside to bring our daughter out of her nap, I yelled at my husband.
    That’s when it occurred. For the first time in our nearly four-year marriage, my husband yelled at me. “NO! Stop expecting me to follow your every command!” I could tell he’d been burying this for a long time, and hearing those words crushed my heart.
    It’s not that I’d evolved into a domineering wife over time. I realized I’d always been one.We have subsequently apologized, but his comments have stayed with me. He is correct, after all. I am a tyrannical wife.
    Here are five clues that you, too, are a controlling wife.

    1. You rarely apologize first.

    After disagreements with your husband blow over, are you ever the first to make amends? Or do you wait for him to come groveling back to you with apologies? If you find yourself absolutely refusing to be the one to “fold” after an argument—especially if you are the one who should apologize first— you could have a control issue.

    2. His unhappiness inconveniences you.
    We all have bad days. We can’t always be happy, right? If you expect your husband to love you unconditionally on days you’re feeling cranky, anxious, or sad, but you don’t give him the same courtesy, you might be a controlling wife.

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    3. Your husband’s schedule is subject to your approval.
    I firmly believe we should always check in with our spouses before officially putting things on the calendar. But there is a line. You might be controlling if you find yourself micromanaging your husband’s personal—or even work—schedule by adding or canceling things without his approval. If your husband is hesitant to plan time for himself or to see his buddies because of how you’re going to react, that’s another sign.

    4. You don’t ask for his input.
    Do you care to know your husband’s opinion? Whether it’s about something you heard in the news or what movie he’d be interested in seeing, do you ask for his input? If you find yourself not caring to know his opinion because the only one that matters to you is yours, then it’s possible you’re too controlling.

    5. It’s your way or the highway.
    Whether making plans for the weekend, purchasing décor for your house, or even deciding how you should raise your children, if your way is the only “good” way, then you’re probably a controlling wife.

    Recognizing the problem is the first step in fixing it. What are some other red flags that could signal a controlling spouse?

    Drop your comments below


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      dat number 2 is demon behaviour

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