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    Undoubtedly, business owners always have a big dream of controlling their own business, destiny, and with the right ideas, the skill, and unalloyed dedication to become the successful entrepreneurs that people will look up to.

    However, despite the bright side of entrepreneurship, but unfortunately, there’s also a darker side that many people will not know. The rigors of entrepreneurship demand sacrifices, and it takes a great deal of time to put into a business if not, you will never be able to succeed. Business is, at its core, a give-and-take process. The more you invest, and the more you’re willing to part with, the more you’ll reap rewards in kind.

    In this article, I will delve into the five sacrifices that every entrepreneur needs to make. Are you really? Let’s rock and roll…

    1. Income

    The most important sacrifice you have to make is risking your hard-earned money for a business. This goes along with the stability sacrifice, but for the first few years of your business, you’re probably not going to be making much money. In most businesses, entrepreneurs and their families end up investing heaps of their own money to get the business going. If this is the case for you, you’ll be making even more of a sacrifice since your potential safety net will be gone.

    Since you’ll be deciding where the money goes, you can set your own salary, but many entrepreneurs don’t even take a salary during their first several months of operations, at least not until there’s a steady line of revenue backing them up. Be prepared for this. You’ll need a strong marketing plan to overcome barriers to entry and gain a share of the market in your industry.

    2. Stability

    It is enough for you to pump more money into a venture or business that you didn’t take time to study whether there’s no guarantee you’re going to succeed. The foundation of your company, even if your idea and plans are solid, is rocky at best, and there’s no telling which direction your business is headed until several months, or often much longer, into running things. If you haven’t already sacrificed a comfortable, well-paying, stable job to follow this route, odds are you’ll have to sacrifice some other kind of stability before you can move forward.

    Entrepreneurship is, by nature, an unstable path to follow. Don’t be surprised if you encounter multiple, unpredictable shifts in your fortune as your work progresses. It’s natural and part of the process. Eventually, if you work hard with a clear vision, things will stabilize.

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    3. Work / Life split

    As an entrepreneur, you should take into consideration the lines between your working life and your personal life will indefinitely blur. You’ll start thinking about business even when you’re away from the office, sometimes because you want to and sometimes because you can’t help it. You’ll also get calls and emails urgently needing your attention because you’re the boss and there’s nobody else to answer them.

    Your downtime will become “light” business time, but the flip side is that your time in the office will feel more like personal time because you’ll want to be there. Remember, it’s still important for you to balance your work priorities and your personal ones — always make time for your family and your mental health — but the firm split between personal and professional time is going to go away no matter how you try to handle it.

    4. Sleep

    If you will agree with me on this philosophical dictum which says” all work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Though the importance of sleep cannot be over-emphasized here no matter how hard you try to preserve healthy sleeping habits, you’re going to sacrifice some sleep in order to run your business. In some cases, you’ll be pulling all-nighters to get that last proposal together. In other cases, you’ll be getting up super early to make a meeting or get all your tasks in order. In still other cases, you’ll be lying awake at night, restless and wondering about the future of your company.

    Whatever the case may be, your sleeping habits are going to change when you become an entrepreneur, and you’ll have to make the best of them no matter how they end up.

    5. Comfort

    Have you heard of executive burnout before? This depicts a situation in which a business owner is completely worn out because of work pressure. Being the boss of your own company means the buck stops with you. You’re going to have to wear dozens of hats, make decisions you’ve never made before, and delve into subjects you’ve never before considered. You have to often than not step out of your comfort zone many times daily to see that things are going on smoothly in your business.

    The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who approach uncomfortable situations with confidence and a degree of excitement. Learn to thrive in uncomfortable environments, and you’ll find yourself much more at peace with your job.


    Of a truth, a good number person doesn’t know what sacrifices an Entrepreneur makes to become prosperous in business. Don’t think of these sacrifices – investing your income, proactively following up on your business, deny yourself a good sleep and comfort, and splitting your time between your work and family as something you’ll be giving something up, sure, but try to think of it as a type of investment.

    Giving up intangible luxuries in exchange for something better down the road is profitable. You’re paying for the opportunity to find success in your own enterprise, and your sacrifices will be rewarded many times over so long as you stay committed to your chosen path.


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