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last updated by Sam P 1 year, 3 months ago
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    Akinseye Sunday

    If you and your lucky partner are looking to walk down the aisle anytime soon and trying to do it on a low budget, a Court wedding in Nigeria may be the best option to go with.

    Here are 5 reasons why you and other couples may consider having a court wedding in Nigeria.

    1.    Court Wedding in Nigeria is Cheap
    To register your marriage in a Nigerian court, it only costs just N2000, unlike a wedding party (be it church or traditional wedding) where you have to spend over N250,000 even on a small scale.

    Having a court wedding gives you many options and still saves you money.

    The good thing about a Court wedding is that you and your partner won’t spend much and will still be called Husband and Wife by law order.


    2.    Court Weddings are less stressful
    Even at times, planning a big wedding could be stressful especially when you need to satisfy everyone but in a court wedding, you can decide to invite just a few family members and friends to grace the event and after the registry session, you can throw a low budget reception to end the wonderful day.


    3.    Legal security is a must in Court Wedding
    Unlike other types of marriage, The court is a different one because it gives you legal security which can act as a guaranteed weapon or saving grace when things go wrong.

    When you are legally married, you are protected against the practice of bigamy which is a criminal offence under court wedding and will be punished by 5 years of imprisonment.

    If you feel that you are no longer interested in your partner, you must first get a divorce before getting married to someone else.

    This is because if you remarry another partner before getting a divorce in court, it will be regarded as bigamy.

    4.   There is no strict dress code for court wedding in Nigeria
    You will agree that one of the most demanding and expensive when getting married could be is what kind of dress to wear!

    But in a Nigeria court wedding, you don’t need to worry about the dress code to follow as there is no something of such.

    This means that intending couples can wear whatever they are comfortable with.

    Nowadays brides sew court wedding gowns in Nigeria.


    5.    The court ceremony does not take long
    If you feel that you don’t like long ceremonies, then you may consider a courthouse wedding which is considered the fastest and easiest as long as you follow the law-abiding by it.

    A court ceremony can be wrapped up in 30 minutes or in an hour depending on the location as opposed to a church or traditional wedding.

    There are no long sermons and songs in courts.

    You have ample times to even focus on your reception, especially when you just want a few family members and close friends to attend it.

    Those are just a few reasons why you may consider having a court wedding in Nigeria.

    Would you like to have a court wedding?


    Source: Akinblog


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      Sam P

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes, because it’s legal bidding for both partners</p>

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