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    5 New Amazing Ways To Fry A Better Egg


    Thinking of how to cook your eggs? There are so many ways that are more affable than a lot of people realize. By manipulating the temperature, switching up your cooking fat, or frying them atop piles of cheese or herbs, you can fry up an almost endless variety of sunny-sided beauties. Here are some new ways you can fry your eggs.

    1.  Fry them in too much fat

    If you want a fried it with crispy, lacy edges and a runny yolk, you have to cook it fast and hot and to do that, you’ll need a lot of fat. You may think that by “a lot” I mean “a large, but reasonable amount.”

    2.  Fry them on top of a pile of cheese

    Cheese and eggs are a natural pairing, and frying an egg on top of a lacy bed of shredded cheese is by far my favourite way to combine the two. Add some cheese to a nonstick pan and wait for it to get all bubbly, greasy, and lacy. Once that happens, crack it right on top of the cheese, cover the pan, and let it cook until the white is set.

    3. Strain away the loose, watery whites

    This is very easy: just set a little sieve over a coffee cup or small bowl, crack an egg into it, and let it sit there while you heat the (nonstick) pan. Cook the strained egg with just a swipe of oil and over medium-low heat until the white is set.

    4. Fry them in squash rings

    It is fun to fry eggs in holes, and the delicata squash just happens to naturally come in a perfect little circle. You’ll want to give the squash a bit of a head start in the pan—get it soft and browned on the edges—then slip in your egg into the hole and fry until the white is opaque and set.

    5. Fry them in cream

    Frying an egg in heavy cream isn’t the fastest way to cook your eggs, but the flavour the method infuses into the whites is worth the wait. The water boils off of the dairy, leaving behind butter-like fat and milk solids that caramelize and brown, resulting in a rich-tasting egg with a texture that’s sort of halfway between poached and fried.

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