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    5 Health Tips That Need To Be Debunked


    It is a good thing to have some health tips at your doorstep so you can know some interesting ways to keep your body in shape.

    However, there are some tips that people claim or have been taught that are actually false notions and lack scientific backing. Below are some of them.

    The first notion is that frozen fruits are unhealthy except when consumed fresh. When fruits are frozen, they are at the peak of freshness hence the reason they need to be frozen.

    Freezing food is used in food preservation and therefore, whether you eat the fruit fresh or not, it does not matter as the nutrients in the fruits do not diminish in any way.

    The second notion is fresh vegetables being better than canned fruits. Again, when food is canned, it is a way of preserving that food. There may be a high amount of salt in the vegetables when stored in the can, however, there have been canned vegetables that do not have the salt and are still able to keep their nutrients under preservation.

    Third not is multigrain bread being a healthy choice. Multigrain bread is bread with lots of grains on it. Despite the high amount of grain in it, it does not mean they are whole grains with several nutrients. Dieticians have recommended that half of the grains on the bread must be whole such as a loaf of whole rye bread or a loaf of whole wheat bread.

    Fourth, is the notion that bottled water is better than tap water. According to research, bottled water contains carbon footprints more than tap water and does not contain the nutrients found in tap water. This even makes tap water a better choice.

    Last but not least is the notion that coconut oil should be the only oil that should be used. Many believe that the medium-chain triglycerides contained the oil makes it a healthy choice, however, there are several fats in the oil which has been found to raise cholesterol level.

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