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    Bisi Adewale


    Bisi Adewale

    I want to quickly open your eyes to some habits in unsuccessful people,you will need to check your life for any of these and deal with them. If you have them in you they will end up hurting your lives if you don’t halt them,they are:

    1) Think know they  know it all: Unsuccessful people are full of themselves,cocky and proud. They think they know it all,hence are not ready to learn

    2) They dont think before acting: They do put thinking behind while acting first before they begging to regret it

    3) They do Fear Change: They fear and resist change,they fight anything and anybody that want to cause change

    4) They do give Up easily: They give up after one failure,they are too scared to try again.

    5) They Fight others who are trying: They won’t do things but criticize others who are doing it

    6) They enjoy doing unproductive things: They do things that adds nothing to them and are always committed to these things.

    7) They keep wrong company: They keep company with people who are also going know where

    8) They place great no value  on time: They waste time,they comes to meetings anytime they like,won’t keep up with appointments

    9) They place no value on relationship: they handle relationship foolishly,they move closer to you only if they can use you,they are users they robbers in Relationship.

    10) Spends Money foolishly: They are very bad in money management,no budget,no savings,no planing.

    11) They are unaccountable: They hate accountability,they are not countable to any one,they do whatever they like and distant themselves to anyone that will make them accountable

    12) They have no sense of excellence: Unsuccessful people have no sense of excellence. They do things the way they want and deliver it at the time that leases them

    13) They no plan for tomorrow: Their plans is about today,they have no plan of what tomorrow should be and prepare themselves for it

    14) They dont submit to leadership: They are rebels they fight leaders and constituted authorities.

    15) They have no mentors: They don’t believe in mentoring. Since they lord in their kingdom and Emperors in their empires

    16) They dont set Goals: Unsuccessful people are known to live without vision or goal,they can say specifically where they will like to be and how they want to get their.

    17) They dont share information: They easily horde any information or idea they have. Keeping it to themselves so that others ay not have access to it depriving themselves the privilege of multiplication

    18) They live in envy: They envy successful people and hate the rich.

    19) They are not focused: They easily get distracted to so many things that are not productive

    20) They are not ready to take the hard way to succeed: Takes the easy way out: They don’t like doing anything that is hard or difficult,they want the easy way out.

    21) They never help others to succeed: Secretly hope others fail: because of envy they which others that are successful fail like them.

    22) They Talk too much: They talk more,because they feel they know and ready to teach others.

    23) They are bad listeners : They don’t listen to others because they have the thought that they always superior idea,hence they miss the opportunity of growing.

    24) Blame others for their failure: They play the blame game,they pass the buck,they have God,bosses,parents,Government,employers,friends,weather,traffic etc to blame for their failure they never take the blame.

    23) They keep grudges: They holds grudges against those they believe make them fail

    24) They dont know what they want to be: They don’t have specific purpose in life,they live life as it comes,they allow the tide of life their ship to any harbor it’s desires.

    25) They are not focus: absence of focus is the reason why people become unsuccessful,some folks simply lacks focus they can’t stand or stay on one thing for long

    26) They stop learning: Unsuccessful believes they have nothing else to learn,they believe they know it all,they soon becomes obsoleted and expires.

    27) Have  no sense of gratitude : They feel the whole world owes them and they suppose to be pamper and takes care off

    28) They are never appreciative: They don’t see reasons to appreciate anybody,they believe they have the right to be given anything that is given to them.

    29) Thinks negative  ways: They are full of negative feelings and thinking. Full of anger,sadness,envy etc

    30) They keep friends only with people like them: They don’t make friends with people that will make them great or better,they keeps friends with people that discusses their failure with them,blaming,cursing and hurting anybody they feel is responsible for their state.

    31) Says negative things: They say so many negative things to themselves and people around them

    32) Do negaitve things: They do so many negative things like street fighting,Keeping malice,fighting against authorities etc

    33) They talk about people not about idea: yes one of the attitude if unsuccessful people is gossip,they gossip about people around them a lot,do you remember the wise saying,”Low people talks about people,great people talks about ideas” this is very true about unsuccessful people.

    34) They pull others down: They always try to discourage people from trying new things and great ideas,they come with all discouragement and reasons why it can not be done,since they can’t do it they don’t want anybody to do it and succeed.

    35) They are sad when others succeed: when others succeed they hates it,they envy them,they disparage them,they talk ills of them and try to bring them down by all means.

    36) They never take responsibility for their lives: They don’t through the mirror to seethe person that brought their misery on them,to them if it succeed they did it,if it fails,someone else must have done it.

    37) They have no vision that they follow through: They dream of making millions,building their houses,making it in life,but never set goal of doing it or take steps to actualize this,they just dwell in fools paradise

    38)They Sleeps too much: They have bad attitude to sleep,they sleep too much,they can’t wake up to do this things for themselves,they’ve forgotten the old saying: “He who must see the queen must wake up when his mate are sleeping”

    39) They believe in luck not in hard work: They believe too much in luck,they believe that one day they will be lucky and make it big,so they are waiting for that great day without doing anything,what a crazy wait.

    40) They take slow actions:What they should do today they postpone it till tomorrow and another day and yet another day until it is never done or accomplished.

    41) They Manage money wrongly: Management of Money is one great failure of the unsuccessful,they are the one that borrows money to trow parties. They are the one that gives birth to six,seven children that they can not cater for,they are the one that spend lavishly when thy have little money only to live to regret it.


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