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    4 Things You Should Never Beg Your Lady While In A Relationship


    If you find yourself in a relationship where things aren’t going as planned and you think the only thing you should do is start begging the lady, you’re mistaken. Begging someone to love you or show your love is inappropriate. If a woman truly loves you, you will not have to beg her to do the necessary things.

    If you refuse to beg your woman, you are not being proud; rather, you are showing self-respect and dignity. You should not use your love for a girl as an excuse to compromise your integrity or value. You shouldn’t bother yourself if she can’t do all of these things without your begging.

    In today’s article, we will discuss four things you should never beg your lady irrespective of any circumstances.

    1. Pay attention.

    Begging your woman for attention is simply inappropriate. By doing so, you are cheapening yourself and giving her power in your relationship. A lady who loves you and knows what she is doing will always give you her full attention, even if you don’t ask for it.

    2. To be devoted.

    Another thing you should not beg your woman for is her loyalty. Begging a lady to be faithful to you is a waste of time, and you will be disappointed. When you start begging a girl to be faithful to you, she will only be full of pretence. She will never be honest with you and will never be loyal to you. Faithfulness is something that a lady who loves you should have until you start begging her.

    3. Be respectful.

    It’s impolite to beg a lady to respect you. First and foremost, how can a lady claim to love you while showing no regard for you? You will never gain her respect if you continue to tolerate her scumbag behaviour.

    4. To remain with you.

    Begging a lady to stay with you is not something you should even consider, let alone do. If she decides to stay despite your pleadings, your relationship will be altered. When she declares her intention to leave, you should know that she no longer loves you, and pleading with her to stay will only make it appear as if you are forcing her to stay.

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