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    4 Simple Ways To Win A Lady’s Heart When She Visits


    Ladies don’t always visit guys, so when they do, there’s almost always a reason for the visit. You must understand that you cannot simply assume that she is visiting you because she has feelings for you or enjoys your company; it may be more than that, which explains why you must be cautious, at least until you can determine her true intentions.

    Don’t rush to do things for or with her just because she’s at your house. Patience is essential. I’m going to show you four things you shouldn’t do when a lady comes to visit you on a regular basis.

    1. Do not invite her to a sleepover.

    If a lady does not want to sleep in your home, do not force or persuade her to do so. You have a manly demeanour. As well as as a result. Sometimes the thing between your legs has a lot of power over you. Furthermore, there are numerous events that can occur in the middle of the night that can put you in danger, most of which are health-related. So you’d better not let her sleepover at your house. As soon as you notice it’s getting late, politely request that she pack her belongings and leave.

    2. Do not coerce her into having sex.

    Avoid persuading her to have sex with you, no matter how horny you are, and don’t force her either, so you don’t get accused of rape. Hold yourself, no matter how strong the urge. If you want, you could even take breaks outside your house whenever she comes to visit and is alone with you. You can get some fresh air by going outside. Stay away from temptations.

    3. Do not invite her to live with you.

    Have you ever heard of a story like this? When a lady starts visiting a guy’s house on a regular basis, she gradually starts moving her belongings into that house, and eventually, she moves everything in and starts living permanently with the guy.

    You should avoid this situation as a man; do not allow her to move her belongings into your home because you are not married. Allow her to leave no belongings behind when she leaves your home, or she will use it as an excuse to return.

    4. Being too shy to ask her out on a date

    If you like her and want to be in a relationship with her, you should approach her and ask her out. The worst that can happen is that she will disagree. And it isn’t the end of the world. This is critical so that you don’t pass up the chance to start a relationship with someone who enjoys your company.

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