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    4 sicknesses that can be caused by stress


    Blood samples of people with a high-stress level have been shown to contain an excess of white blood cells which combat disease.

    Stress leads to health complications. It leads to sicknesses.

    The fact that in others it is obligatory to live a life of stress to survive in the modern world. Since our world as it is today appears to have been designed to fit only the fittest.

    Scientists have been calling on society for some time, stressing many health issues. Even further, they say that chronic stress, which is a cornerstone of modern life, does not just exacerbate diseases, but also causes diseases.

    Unknown to most people, the human body first pumps adrenaline into the bloodstream and then cortisol in order to focus the mind and the body immediately to take action (This is a response that has ensured our survival for years now).

    The adrenaline rush from the first stress reaction can sometimes pose risks to your health. But the subsequent release of cortisol is the most significant hazard.

    Constant stress exposes the body to a continuous stream of cortisol, which makes inflammation wild when cells become hormone-dependent.

    On the other hand, chronic inflammation of the blood vessels and brain cells is damaged over a long period. It also leads to insulin resistance and promotes painful joint disorders (a precursor to diabetes).

    And as quoted by Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh who has been at the forefront of stress research for 30 years, he said:

    “We are just beginning to understand the ways that stress influences a wide range of diseases of aging, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and certain types of disability, even early death.”

    Because of this, we decided to bring some stress-related illnesses to your notice.

    Here are four incredible diseases caused by stress.

    1. Irritable bowel syndrome

    IBS is a group of symptoms including abdominal pain and pattern changes in bowel movements without proof of any damage.

    It is believed that these symptoms will occur for a long time.

    However, Irritable bowel syndrome has been classified into four main types depending on whether diarrhea is common, constipation is common, both are common, or neither occurs very often (IBS-D, IBS-C, IBS-M, or IBS-U respectively).

    Eventually, though experts still have to confirm their leading cause, the most common trigger for IBS inflammation of their patients was stress in 94 percent of British doctors surveyed by Buscopan IBS Relief.

    1. Depression

    Depression is a low mood and aversion to activity that can affect the thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of well-being of a person.

    And while this is often triggered by an episode that causes stress, depression eventually “takes its own life,” says Huda Akil, a neuroscience professor at Michigan’s University.

    However, it is very important to warn here that stress has the ability to throw out of balance, several brain neurotransmitter systems. And included among them are serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

    This not only has a negative effect on the mood but also changes appetite, sleep, and libido.

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    1. Heart disease

    In recent years, researchers have tried to find the perceived link between stress and heart attacks in vain. However, as a result of a recent study, things seem to change.

    And the results of previous research show that the texture of white blood cells is actually changing by cortisol. This encourages the cells to bind to the walls of the blood vessel.

    The result is plaque, which is the key indicator of heart disease.

    1. Hair loss

    Experts have confirmed that increased stress can actually lead to hair loss over long periods.

    Although not in all cases, hair loss is believed to be due to stress hormones causing the hair follicles to go into hibernation. It is the result of this that leads to the falling of hair when washed or brushed.


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      ver obvious diseases, i tot i would see something new…

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      John Adeleke

      sickness everywhere, depression on the rise, wetin man go do

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      Interesting. God bless the writer.

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