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    4 Relationship Rules Guys Shouldn’t Break When They Fall In Love With A Lady


    There are certain things you should not do as a mature man simply because you are in love with a lady. You should not put yourself down solely because of women; respect should always be present. No matter how much you adore a woman, you must never lose sight of the fact that you are a man.

    Today, we will delve into four relationship rules guys shouldn’t break when they fall in love with a lady.

    Learn to appreciate yourself for the sake of the man you are. Here are four rules you should never break no matter how much you love a woman.

    1. Whenever you’re on the phone with a lady, please refrain from asking too many questions. Asking a lady too many questions on the phone may lead to something else that does not end well. Remember that ladies are one of the most difficult beings on the planet to comprehend. So, if you want to ask a lady a question, make it a pertinent one.

    2. Don’t be too eager to chat up a lady on social media when she accepts your friend request. Most guys enjoy doing this. When a lady accepts your friend request, wait three days before massaging her. Running into her DM right away will make you appear childish to her. Remember what I said? As a man, you are supposed to have good behaviour.

    3. Do not coerce a woman into chatting with you on social media. If you’re having a conversation with a lady and notice that she doesn’t want to respond, please let her be. If she starts taking her time responding to your messages, don’t message her anymore. Don’t show her how desperate you are; act as if you don’t care.

    4. Don’t talk to a lady if she’s in a bad mood. You must learn how to read a lady’s mind as a man. Recognize when she is in the mood to converse. If you try to talk to her when she is in a bad mood, you may end up embarrassing yourself.

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