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    4 major reasons why women avoid serious relationships


    Here are reasons why women may be unwilling when it’s time to enter into or become more serious about an existing relationship.

    The aim of many relationships is, depending on what fits the two partner’s best, often marriage, settlement, or cohabitation.

    Regardless of how the relationship began – with or without a clear indication of that intention – a time has come when the relationship requires more deep commitment; when one or both partners demand more from the relationship, and if one partner feels he or she is not ready, the relationship may be divided.

    While men are more likely to say no to serious obligations, the experience shows that women are not dispensed with fears of commitment. Here are some of the reasons why women are not dispensed with such a level of seriousness in situations where this happens.

    1. Unresolved issues

    Sometimes women have a degree of comfort in their relationships and want nothing more because they are in a phase of self-construction and moving on from unhealed pains from the past.

    The addition of an additional commitment to a relationship may at that time be too many, and it is common for women to hear things like “I am not ready.”

    1. Uncertainties

    When a man proposes to move into the next stage and the girl refuses to do so, the reason might be that she still has reservations, fears, worries about the man.

    Sometimes it’s about the man, not the woman.

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    1. Hoping for someone better

    Some other women refused to engage with their partner because they tried to get along better – in love, finances, etc.

    1. Exes

    Hanging over an ex is what stops some other women from committing themselves more closely to their current relationship.

    Some babes use a certain boyfriend as a standard for others and regardless of the length of how many connections they have entered, they remain linked to that former ex and hope to return.

    Some women fall into this group and if there is little hope that this boyfriend will return, they will hold everything – including their relationship with you – and wait for him.


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