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    1. A real man fears God because a man who doesn’t fear God will not have regard for human feeling and will not know how to truly love.

    2. A real man is faithful. He Will not cheat on you. He has no alternative so he focuses on you alone! Love doesn’t double date!

    3. He Will not flirt with your girlfriends! He is reliable and trustworthy. He is faithful to you no matter the pressure from other ladies

    4. He is not proud to say “I’m Sorry’ if that is what will save the relationship because he loves you! Love is not proud!

    5. A real man wait for sex until your wedding night and never deprive you of his body after wedding!

    6. A real man is a man of prayer. He prays for and with you.

    7. He Will feel terrible when he forgets your birthday or anniversary and will always make it up to you.

    8. A real man is a giver. He Surprises you with gifts, even when the occasion is not special. He’s not stingy.

    9. He Tells you regularly that he loves and cherishes you.

    10. He understands you even if nobody does and always makes you feel you are the best

    11. A real man is a good leader. He never Threatens to leave you or divorce you no matter what happens. A Real Man Is A Forgiver!

    12. He Feels your pain when you go through hard times and stands by you until you overcome

    13. He Loves to see you happy and rejoices with you

    14. In spite of his busy schedule, he always creates quality time to spend with you.

    15. He Will never physically or emotionally abuse you because Love is Kind

    16. He Will marry you without waiting too long.

    17. He forgives and forgets when you apologize for hurting his feelings.

    18. He Will not use your weaknesses or secrets against you.

    19. He Will not air your dirty laundry.

    20. He Is patient and willing to work on your relationship problems.

    21. He Knows that it is important for you to spend sometime with your friends and family members.

    22. A man who loves you celebrate you in the public and he is not ashamed to tell the world how much he loves you!

    23. He Will not go out of his way to make you jealous.

    24. He Will always respect you in the presence of his friends and family members.

    25. He helps you with chores around the house.

    26. Enjoys the company of your family and friends.

    27. He Supports your dreams and ambitions.

    28. He Never puts you down when talking to you.

    29. He Cares a great deal about your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

    30. He Is always available to help when you need him.

    31. He Knows that his way is not the only way.

    32. He cares. He always calls you to find out how your day is going

    33. A real man is never lazy. He knows how to make money, save money and invest money wisely

    34. A real man loves his children and he is ready to bring out the best in them

    35. A real man is committed to the WORD OF GOD and challenges you to get closer to God!

    And A Real Woman Never Takes His Love For Granted Because Such Man Is Rare To Find!

    Man, May God Make u Such Man

    Single Lady, May Such Man Find you

    Married Woman, May God Make Your Husband A Real Man Indeed

    Instagram: Samuelolagbenjo

    Samuel Olagbenjo

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