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    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you (Part 3)

    We continue from where we stopped at 30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you (Part 2).

    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you (Part 3)
    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you (Part 3)

    21. “I have to be the worst husband ever, and I’m sorry.” Now, could you please smile at me? It’s something I miss”:

    This is a classic good guy move: call yourself all the nasty names you want and tell her it’s fine if she blames everything on you. Make it appear as if your top objective at the time is to get her to return your grin and mean it.


    22. “Let me show you how sorry I am.”:

    Words are still less powerful than actions. If your wife has complained to you about the same issue several times and you continue to do it, she has every right to be annoyed. Instead of seeking a different method to apologize, why don’t you attempt working on that instead?


    23. Make a small surprise:

    When it comes to bold actions, you may do something unexpected like show up to her job with gifts and a contrite face. Sure, it might not end there, but if she enjoys surprises, she’ll feel extra special.


    24. Create time in your schedule to spend with her:

    You may run out of things to say to your wife, but you’ll never run out of methods to show her how much you care. If your regular point of dispute is that she doesn’t get enough of you, the best thing you can do the next time she’s upset isn’t to say anything. Make a bold action, such as cancelling your entire itinerary for the day, and you’ll thank me later.

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    25. “Is it possible you’re upset because I’m not the husband you need me to be?”:

    If you can’t claim your relationship is in a good position and your partner is always disturbed by your every move, it’s time to have a more in-depth discussion. As I have stated, apologizing is no longer effective when it occurs too frequently, and nothing changes as a result.

    Ask if there’s a deeper explanation for the constant annoyance than what you did after you apologize (again).


    26. “I can’t believe I came so close to destroying our marriage. Never, babe, again. “I swear.”:

    This should only be used for significant infractions, such as refusing to let her take from your plate of fried chips, lol. In my relationship books, refusing to share your meal with your wife is a felony punishable by law, but feel free to apply it to your case as appropriate. Severe might mean anything from cheating on her to lying to her.


    27. “I adore you even more on days like this.”:

    When people are furious, they are less loveable, therefore your ordinarily lovely partner may be less affectionate when she is mad with you. The way she acts may make you appreciate the days when she wasn’t in such a terrible temper even more.

    This inspires you to reconcile with her since you realize you love your wife more than the grumpy person in front of you. Telling her how you feel can just help her return sooner.


    28. “I love you,”:

    You can simply say the three magic words—nothing more, nothing less. Assume you’ve been backed into a corner and have run out of excuses or explanations. Allow her to rant on and on about all the things you did wrong, and then tell her you love her when she’s finished.

    You may also utilize this if she decides to be passive-aggressive rather than speak up right away. Just make sure you don’t do that every time you irritate her so it doesn’t become tiresome.


    29. “You know you love me too much to be upset at me for so long.”:

    When you know she’s not fuming anymore, do this throughout the changeover phase. Make a puppy look or do something cute that you think would make her happy. You know your wife better than I do, so if you believe it’ll work when she’s still upset, go ahead and try it.

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    30. Hug her from behind:

    You can still communicate with your wife while she’s sad if you don’t say anything with your mouth. Wrap your arms around her from behind, catching her off guard, and watch the rage vanish in your embrace. Even if she later tries to get out of your arms, that gentle, loving gesture is likely to weaken her for a brief while.

    Hug her from behind
    Hug her from behind



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