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    Bisi Adewale


    Bisi Adewale

    There are many strategic ways to pray for your child. They are not rituals but wisdom of God to connect, pray and reach your child. Always remember that YOUR CHILD MAY REJECT YOUR TRAINING, ABHOR YOUR CORRECTION, DISDAIN YOUR INSTRUCTION, OBJECT TO YOUR ADVICE AND OPPOSE YOUR AUTHORITY, BUT HE IS POWERLESS IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR PRAYER.
    1. PROPHETIC BLESSING: This involves mainly the father of the child who should be the prophet of the house. This can be done regularly every Sunday night, first day of the month or day of the year or as you deem fit. Even when your child gets married and leaves, you will still to call the couple on phone or through Skype to prophesy into their lives.
    2. DEBORAH BLESSING: The woman of the house, the mother can do this too in the absence of a father or in addition to what he is doing. Blessing your child cannot be too much. It can only be too little. So pronounce prophetic blessing on your child as Deborah, the Mother in Israel. My mother still calls me every Monday to bless me.
    3. PARENTS CONNECT: You can join some other parents to pray for your children, like a parent’s fellowship. This may involve two or more parents. Churches can even have parent’s fellowship where members regularly gather to pray for their children.  What a wonderful result will it have! Our books, MY CHILDREN MUST PROSPER and PARENTING BY FIRE contain about two thousand prayer points. They will come handy for this.
    4. PILLOW CONNECTION: When your child is not at home, pick his pillow, hug it and begin to pray. That is where he puts his head and rests his brain for about 8 hours per day. Connect him through the pillow and command that whenever he sleeps, he will only dream of heaven, fall in love with God, and get divine ideas.
    5. BED CONNECTION: Lie down on his bed and declare the same thing you pray in pillow connection. Stand against nightmares and evil dreams.
    6. SHOES CONNECTION: Hold his shoes and declare that your child will not walk into destruction. Command him to walk to where he will be blessed and glorified, that he will not walk into tragedy.
    7. BREAST CONNECTION: Mothers, hold your breasts as a point of contact to your child. Those are the breasts he sucked for more than a year. Connect him through them.
    8. WOMB CONNECTION: Connect him by laying your hands on your womb to pray for him. He stayed there for nine months. Use the place to pray for him.
    9. PICTURE CONNECTION: always go about with your Children picture in your bag. Make their pictures your screen saver on your phones, laptops or tablets. Use it to pray for them at every given opportunity.

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    10. CLOTHING BLESSING: Pray on his clothes, to reach out to him.
    11. FOOD BLESSING: Bless his meal as you prepare it; pray on it, to turn it to “holy communion.”  The effect is great. The Spirit of God fills his heart as he eats it and the food flushes out every sickness and disease.
12. HUG CONNECTION: At every given opportunity hug your child and bless him. You can even make the whole family to hug in a bunch prayer for one another. Bless your child.
    13. NAME BLESSING: Write the name of your child on a paper, raise it up and bless it. Do this regularly.
    14. DEDICATION: At the altar in the church, drop the name of your child written by you. Bless and rededicate him to God.
    15. GLOBAL DEDICATION: The whole church should regularly rededicate children to God. Do this by bringing available children to the altar regularly, monthly or as it is convenient for rededication to God. It can also be done during parent’s fellowship. When children are not available, their parents write their names on a paper and drop it on the floor of the church, blessing and rededicating them to God.
    16. MESSAGE CONNECTION: Get a CD player and CD’s of anointed men of God, put the CD player on auto reverse and let it play continuously in the room of your child when he is in school. It can continue playing quietly as he sleeps. Its result will amaze you.
    17. WORSHIP CONNECTION: You can also play worship songs or hymns in his room as he sleeps. It will have the same effect like message connection.
    18. MIDNIGHT PRAYER: Stay late in the night just to pray for him. You can go into his room when he is sleeping, to pray for him without waking him up.
    19. LAY HANDS: Lay hands on your child regularly to bless him.
    20. ANOINT HIM: Get anointing oil to bless him also.
    21. FAMILY UNITY PRAYER: Let your family old hands regularly to pray for members of the family.
22. COUPLE’S PRAYER: Husbands and wives should have time separately to pray for their child alone.
    23. FAMILY INTERCESSORY PRAYER: The whole family should form a circle. One member knees down in the middle for the whole family to pray for him. And so it goes round.
    24. MORNING BLESSING: Parent should get up early in the morning, stand by the door of the child’s room, call his name as he wakes him up and bless him as he comes out into your warm embrace and prayer. This should precede family altar every morning.
    25. NIGHT BLESSING: Before bed bless every member of the family in the name of Jesus.
    26. BLESSING DAY: Declare a blessing day, to bless your child. Make it every prayer hour, that is 6am, 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12 am. Bless him at every prayer hour or simply use any or all of the following connections: pillow, bed, breast, womb, pictures, clothing, shoes, name, and so on to pray for him.


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