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    18 Reasons Why Leno Is Not Arsenal’s Number 1 Anymore

    18 Reasons Why Leno Is Not Arsenal's Number 1 Anymore 
    18 Reasons Why Leno Is Not Arsenal’s Number 1 Anymore 


    It’s typical for players on international vacation to give interviews to their home press, which often get lost in translation.

    The German media will almost certainly question Bernd Leno on why he isn’t playing for Arsenal right now.

    His country will be expecting him to elaborate on an interview with SportBild in which he said, “There was no clear reason why I was out, but it had nothing to do with my performance.”

    In my perspective, he ended his Gunners career in one phrase.

    Days later, Arteta would admit that his goalie had lied, claiming, “There was a very clear dialogue with him 48 hours before I was going to make a choice.”

    The 29-year-old is either attempting to safeguard his value by convincing any possible suitors that nothing is wrong with his form, or he is deluded and feels he is performing better than he is.

    In any case, it demonstrates a mentality that is insufficient for the level to which we wish to return.

    In the face of adversity, the finest athletes accept responsibility, accept ownership, and own their flaws.

    Because you can only discover a solution if you recognize there is a problem.

    That’s not to mean you have to give up the self-assurance that helped you become a professional athlete, but you must realize that things will go wrong at times.

    Why Leno is not Arsenal first choice anymore:

    So, Mr Leno here’s the deal. Let me try to assist you because you can’t possibly understand why you’re no longer our number one…

    1. When you opted to charge out for a corner, miss the ball, and present them with an open goal in Arteta’s first home game as manager, you were on for a 1-0 win over Chelsea.

    2. Everton’s goal squeezed through your legs a month later.

    3. Days later, with seconds remaining in the second leg of the Europa League against Olympiakos, instead of moving the ball up the pitch, you lost your cool and booted the ball out for an unnecessary corner.

    4. So, in a new manager’s first three months on the job, he saw his GK make three costly mistakes.

    5. After that, you were injured in Project Restart’s second game.

    12. I’m still not sure what you were thinking about Wolves when you charged out and unnecessarily handled the ball, earning you a red card.

    13. Both West Ham and Everton produced goals that sent shivers down your spine.

    14. We were seeking alternatives at this time too, at the absolute least, to provide you with the competition that could help you enhance standards.

    15. Instead, you gave up 9 goals in three games, including a goal from a throw-in by Brentford!

    16. We decided to give Ramsdale a chance now that we had purchased him, and to his credit, he’s kept four clean sheets in five games. He’s got the baton, and he deserves to stay between the posts until he drops it.

    17. To summarize, the reason you’ve been on the bench is the same reason you don’t play for Germany: better choices exist.

    18. Finally, softly say to yourself, “Perhaps you’re not as good as you believe you are?”

    Please be considerate in your comments.



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      Generally, Arsenal players are not doing well this time around. Therefore, I am not really surprised.

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      He has conceded a lot of goals this season so I’m not suprised.

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      Poor performance. There is room for him to improve on goalkeeping.


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