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    Bisi Adewale

    Get this right that sexual relationship is not meant for engaged Singles but for MARRIED COUPLES ONLY.

    Before you drive a car, you must get a driving license.

    Before you practice as a doctor, you must get a certificate and a practising License.

    Before you pilot an Aeroplan, you must be licensed.

    Before you can have sex, you must get a ‘Sex license’, which is your wedding certificate. If you do it without this license, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

    Many singles really wanted to run away from fornication but don’t know-how.

    Here, I will let you know how to flee from sexual immoralities. Make sure you share this post with your partner too. Better still, you may read it together and pray after the discussion.

    1. Make sure you get engaged to a born-again Christian who accepts pre-marital sex as a sin and is ready to shun it. That way, it will be easy for both of you to avoid this dangerous pitfall that has ruined many lives.

    2. Both of you should determine to have a pure courtship.

    3. Discuss and Pray for a pure courtship.

    4. Always discuss the issue of sexual purity in your courtship, do not shy away from it. Do not pretend about it but be frank and obey God.

    5. Make a vow together to obey God. Promising Him you will not have sex till your wedding night.

    6. Avoid staying together for a long time doing nothing in particular

    7. Never SLEEP together in the same room, let alone on the same bed. Make no excuse for this and never think you are too anointed to fall.

    8. Avoid watching pornography. it will destroy your resistance to sin.

    9. Avoid unnecessary long courtship; get married as soon as possible. It is better to get married than burn with lust.

    10. Never encourage kissing, pecking, hugging, petting, fondling, touching and necking. If you set on the fire of passion immaturely, it will burn you.

    11. Always remember that you are the temple of God therefore do not defile yourself (I Cor. 3:16-17).

    12. Do not be too confident of your spiritual strength (Romans. 8:10). Where mighty anointed men or women of God have fallen, tread cautiously. Remember your hormones are not born again.


    © Bisi Adewale



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      Sam P

      Deep one sir… “Remember your hormones are not born again??

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