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    10 Tips on How to Prevent Yourself from Being Kidnapped

    By Babalola Seyi


    The case of Kidnappings in Nigeria has become alarming that hardly will a day pass that they won’t be any case recorded on this barbaric act in the country.

    The kidnapping business in Nigeria from North to east, south and west has been mostly perpetrated by criminal gangs and violent groups.

    Nigerians are now becoming more worrisome because they don’t know what next as the case keep on increasing daily.

    To protect yourself and your family, Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:

    1. Pray to avoid being a victim
    At this critical time, no one is safe. Hence, seeking God’s refuge appears to be the only way out in terms of spiritual protection. For the victims and their families and friends, the consequences are even more frightful, and that is why one must pray to avoid being a victim.

    2. Do not accept car rides offered by strangers

    This is even more important, we know we love free things but nowadays, even in free town there is nothing free again. So, ensure you don’t accept rides offers from strange people or people you don’t know.

    3. Do proper checks before employing workers
    Before you employ any workers like: House keeper, driver or any other employee, please do a proper background check about that person. Know the family members and let the person give the name of a guarantor that can stand in for him or her. This should be done because some people who are kidnappers may pretend to be seeking employment with you.

    4. Be aware of your surroundings, and if you sense that someone may be following you, walk towards an area where there are a lot of people.

    5. Maintain a moderate lifestyle
    To avoid being kidnapped, you should check your lifestyle. If you have been living loud, try to do it in moderation now by adorning not-too-expensive wears that announces you.

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    6. Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return home

    7.  Keep emergency numbers
    It is pivotal to keep emergency numbers like contacts of Police that you can quickly call whenever you sense you are being monitored by kidnappers or you notice anything strange in your environment.

    8. Always keep your phone handy
    Ensure you are always with your phone at all times. It is very important as it can be a source of help when there is a threat of kidnap. Don’t just keep your phone with you but make sure you have airtime, no matter how little so that it can be useful in times of danger.

    9. Be careful with revealing data on social media
    Social Media has gone beyond what we think of it today, has things goes viral even in a couple of seconds. Be careful not to reveal too much about yourself or your family members via social media. No need to flaunt new cars, houses, or condominium units.

    Never reveal addresses and be sure to turn off the GPS function on your smartphones. Don’t post on social media the places you frequent. Some people are unaware that Facebook and other sites reveal the specific location from where you are posting on social media.

    10. Be vigilant not only at night but at all times
    It is true that most kidnapping crimes occur at night but there are also a few cases that happen in broad daylight. We should always be vigilant, not only at night.


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