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    10 things Bayern fans need to know about quicksilver: Alphonso Davies

    1. His family choose peace instead of war and guns:

    Alphonso Family

    Davies’ adventure began at Buduburam, a Ghanaian refugee camp, where he was born after his parents left Liberia’s civil war. It was a difficult time in my life. The struggle for clean water, food, and simply keeping alive became a triumph of survival with each passing hour. There had to be a better way to do things.

    During the Second Liberian Civil War, Alphonso’s father Debeah Davies and mother Victoria Davies escaped to Ghana, displacing over 45,000 people.

    They were born at Buduburam, a refugee camp in Ghana’s Central Region, where Alphonso and his siblings grew up.

    “It was hard to live because the only way you survive sometimes is you have to carry guns,” remembers Alphonso’s father, Debeah.

    “We didn’t have any interest in shooting guns. So, we decided to just escape from there. They have a program called resettlement, and they said ok, you have to fill in a form for Canada.’ We went through the interview and everything, and made it, and came over here.”

    When Alphonso was five years old, his family was able to relocate to Canada, finally settling in Edmonton, Alberta. Debeah and Victoria, the family matriarch, put in hard hours to make ends meet. Alphonso, too, pitched in around the family, helping to raise his two younger brothers while attending the Mother Theresa Catholic school, where his abilities were first noticed.


    2. ‘Little Alphonso’ had talent:

    PSG vs Bayern: Alphonso Davies: From a refugee camp to the Champions League  final | MARCA in English

    “Our little Alphonso,” said Davies’ Grade 6 teacher and sports coach Melissa Guzzo. “He’s just one of those kids who had a permanent smile on his face, always dancing in the hallways. He’s such a natural talent. Anything he touched — track, basketball, any sport — he was the kid.”

    Guzzo felt something in the air in Edmonton and reached out to Tim Adams, the founder of Free Footie, a free after-school soccer league for inner-city kids in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 who cannot afford registration fees, equipment, or transportation to games. Adams instantly noticed Davies wasn’t your typical youngster.

    “I saw him make his first touch, and I knew, immediately. This kid has a gift for the game,” he recalled after witnessing minutes of Davies magic at a tournament. “Other kids I’ve seen have had that level of athleticism. But he had the mind. He was way more than a guy who could kick the ball into the back of the net.”

    Adams had also summoned local soccer coach Marco Bossio to check out the competition on the spur of the moment. The coach of the St. Nicholas Soccer Academy was not disappointed.

    “There was something special about this boy,” Bossio said. “He had lightning-quick feet and speed with the ball. I knew that was something special at that age. I asked him what his plans were and he told me he would be playing for us next season. We were delighted. We have a lot of kids from different communities, so he fit in right away.”


    3. Alphonso never thought he was that good:

    Davies first considered pursuing soccer for a living during his formative years at St. Nicholas, when he had the support of the entire Edmonton community.

    “To be honest, I was just trying to play for fun, to keep myself active and keep myself out of trouble,” Davies said.

    “I didn’t think I was really good, I was just playing the game because I enjoyed playing it with my friends. Then once I started playing organized soccer, parents, coaches and other teammates were telling me to keep going and that I could become something so I started believing it. That’s what started me wanting to become a professional. That’s when I started training hard to become a professional.”


    4. He fulfilled his Canadian dream at age 16:

    Davies leads Canada to victory over U.S. to end 34-year soccer drought -  The Toronto Observer

    Davies, a once-in-a-generation talent, was quickly noticed by the national squad. When he was called up for the senior team, he had already represented the country at the U17 and U20 levels, making his senior debut against Curaçao on June 14, 2017. He’d just been a Canadian citizen for a week when this happened.

    “That was a great moment for the family,” Davies said. “I’m glad I could get it. It’s going to mean a lot, representing the country I’ve lived in for most of my life. Having that [Canadian] crest on my chest playing for them is going to mean a lot for me.”

    With his brace against French Guiana, Alphonso, still, 16, became Canada’s youngest ever goalscorer and the youngest to score at a Gold Cup, as well as the first player born in the twenty-first century to score at a major international event. Davies was born a star, but he was more than just a gifted athlete.

    He was unexpectedly nominated to the Canadian squad that competed in the 2017 Gold Cup at the age of 16.

    He scored a hat trick against French Guiana, becoming not only Canada’s youngest goalscorer but also the Gold Cup’s youngest goal scorer.


    5. His life story brought the World Cup Competition to Canada:

    United Bid Selected to Host the 2026 FIFA World Cup™ - Canada Soccer

    Davies spoke at a FIFA Congress in favour of North America’s ‘United bid’ to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup before deciding to join Bayern Munich for an MLS record fee in July 2018. He described how Canada had welcomed him and his family as they fled Liberia’s terrible civil war; a journey that brought him from a refugee camp in Ghana to a professional soccer career in Edmonton. His statements had an evident impact.

    Alphonso Davies: From refugee camp to Bayern Munich, via Edmonton and  Vancouver Whitecaps | Bundesliga

    “I don’t know what you were able to see back home, whether they showed the photos or not, but they showed photos of him when he was five years old, him coming to Canada and Canada adopting him as his home country,” said Peter Montopoli, General Secretary of Soccer Canada, after FIFA awarded the 2026 World Cup to Canada, Mexico and the USA.

    “It was very compelling and very inspiring and very emotional. He was just the perfect guy to start with. He is what this bid was all about — being united.”


    6. Alphonso remains grateful and humble:


    Davies’ feet remain firmly planted on the ground, despite his rising national hero status. He has no recollection of his birth in a Ghanaian refugee camp. He can only imagine the atrocities his Liberian parents through, but the Bayern kid is grateful for the possibilities he has been given and recognizes how different life could have been.

    “He’s got a good head on his shoulders,” commented Lenarduzzi.

    “Very early in his life, being a good person was obviously very important to him and his family, and you could see that they didn’t just talk about it, they implemented it. That’s refreshing because, in this age of the Millennial, that doesn’t happen a lot.

    It almost seems like it’s a movie right now, and we’re at the start of the movie with his family and life background, how he got to us – but there’s still a lot more of the story to be written.”


    7. He broke a 20-year-old Bayern record:

    Alphonso Davies nets first goal for Bayern Munich to become club's youngest  scorer in 20 years | Bundesliga

    Davies has added back-to-back Bundesliga and DFB Cup titles, the German top flight’s outright speed record, and the 2019/20 Rookie of the Season award to his growing list of achievements since becoming the youngest player to score for Bayern in almost 20 years with his strike against Mainz in March 2019.

    “Alphonso is one of our best players,” commented Bayern head coach Hansi Flick in June 2020, having overseen Davies’ supersonic transition from winger to the world’s best left-back.

    “He’s setting up goals in attack, has scored some himself, and is very adept defensively. He’s on a very good path. He’s young – he can and wants to learn.”


    8. His pace comes from God:

    Hansi Flick applauds "incredible" Alphonso Davies after turbo-charged  display for Bayern Munich | Bundesliga

    Davies readily admits to modelling his game on Barcelona and Argentina legend Lionel Messi. “I’ve been trying to copy his style of play, but the thing is that he’s a little bit shorter than me and my legs are long, so I have longer strides,” he told AFTN.

    “I usually just keep the ball and use the pace that God gave me to get past players.

    Alphonso Davies was born to Liberian parents in Ghana.

    Before his parents relocated to Canada with him when he was just five years old.

    So by virtue of that, he could have played for Ghana, Liberia and Canada (after acquiring a Canadian passport)

    He could have played for the Black Stars due to citizenship by birthplace but as it stands now the four-time champions of Africa have lost him to Canada.

    Alphonso Davies has however ended up playing his international football for Canada, having made 17 caps, scoring five goals.


    10. He has the weirdest pick-up lines:

    Who is Alphonso Davies Girlfriend? Life Of The Rising Soccer Player -  OtakuKart

    For a few years, Alphonso Davies has been dating PSG Women’s star Jordyn Huitema, and Bayern Munich asked her out with the most wonderful phrase.

    In a Q&A for their joint YouTube channel, the treble-winning Bayern Munich star and his other half, who plays for PSG’s ladies, answered questions about their relationship.

    The football power couple has been together for four and a half years, but it took Davies a long time to ask Huitema out and make their relationship official.

    When he did, though, a 16-year-old Davies made sure to pop the big question in a memorable way, and it worked a treat on Jordyn, who was 15 at the time.

    However, the two have slightly different versions of how it played out.

    Davies said: “Listen I was a young guy. It was terrible but I was 16. I was walking into training because we all trained together and I pulled her aside and said ‘come here” so she slowed down.

    Correcting him, Huitema replied: “No, you didn’t train there! You trained there in the morning and you came to the school to pick me up and you walked me to training.”

    Now telling the truth, Davies started to tell the story. “I came to walk her to training and I knew this is the day I’ve got to do it. Mind you, I was really nervous and I was trying to grab confidence from somewhere. Something inside me told me to say this so I pulled up on here.”

    “Nah let me do it, “Huitema interrupted.

    “So I’m wondering if you wanna to be Alphonso Davies girlfriend?”.

    “And it worked! She said yes!” Davies chimed in.

    Both won Canada’s Under 17 Player of the Year title in 2017 after meeting while playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps, before moving on to larger and better things in their careers.

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      the guy and his family have really been through a lot, thank God he came out victorious

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      John Adeleke

      the best left back in the world no arguments needed

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      the fastest player in the world alongside Mbappe and Haland


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