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    10 Spicy Sex Moves Men want in the Bedroom

    10 Spicy Sex Moves Men want in the Bedroom

    Men are always urged to spend more time exploring other parts of a woman’s body, but the same advice could be provided to women — it’s easy to think of him as a good sex start, but he’ll love having other body parts aroused as well.

    Play with his nipples, sucking and blowing on them for extra stimulation; explore his chest and abdomen with your hands; grip his behind; and caress his skin from top to bottom to ensure that all of his nerve endings are on fire for your touch.

    Here are 10 ways men maybe into the bedroom:

    1. He wants you to demonstrate how much you enjoy it.

    Men are predominantly visual learners. Show him how you feel, practically with your hands. Vanessa Geffrard, the sexpert for Lovers adult health brand and shop, advises, “Don’t be scared to move his hands, position your body, and utilize verbal and nonverbal communication to create a nice experience for you both.” (For a sexier role play, lie on the bed and touch yourself while commanding him to look but not touch.) A seductive and simple approach to show and tell).

    2. He wants to take it out of the bedroom.

    Men enjoy a wide range of experiences. Keep it interesting by trying various areas to play, such as the kitchen table, laundry room, car, or even outside.

    3. To get various sensations, switch positions.
    You’ll feel tighter in some postures, which will be beneficial to him. He’ll be able to go deeper into some of them. He’ll be able to feel other portions of you more easily in some cases (which he may really like). It’s fine if you need to be in one position to climax for your personal pleasure! Simply begin in a different location and switch afterward.

    4. He wants you to make eye contact with him.

    It is, after all, sometimes all about the emotional connection. Men want to see how their partners are feeling and reacting to what they’re doing. The more women who can immerse themselves at the moment and appreciate what their partner does for them, the better.

    5. He wants you to initiate sometimes

    In couples counseling, one of the most prevalent issues is that male partners in heterosexual marriages feel obligated to initiate sex with their female partners. Men prefer to be enticed, to feel wanted and attractive. Initiating sex conveys your man the message that you want him, which boosts his confidence.

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    6.  Put your legs up higher
    One of the things that feels amazing as a guy is to be able to thrust in as deeply as possible. In the missionary position, if you put your legs up on his shoulders, this gives him the ability to thrust a lot more. (Please, get comfortable first! And if this hurts, then DON’T do it.) If he’s in more of a kneeling position, you can even just put your legs up around his waist for a similar effect that may be easier to maintain (keeping your legs up that high for that long can sometimes make them fall asleep).

    7. If you feel like it, he wants you to be loud.
    Scream if you’re a screamer. Don’t hold back your enjoyment sounds, grunts, yells, and growls. Men adore it because it’s seductive and turns them on. Furthermore, it is liberating for you. If you’re really feeling it, don’t hold back; it’s just like communicating, only a lot hotter.

    8. He wants you to communicate

    This works in both directions because he should be expressing his aspirations to you as well. A partner who can describe exactly how they want to be touched, on the other hand, is endlessly attractive and also helps him offer some honesty.

    9. Climb on top of your Husband to relieve the stress
    I’m not talking about relieving bodily stress. I’m referring to relieving psychological stress. You have more control when you are in charge. He’s the one moving in other positions, and he’s probably thinking about what he needs to do to make you feel better. You have the most of the power in this position, so you may focus on pleasing him rather than worrying about pleasing him. He can simply lie down and take it all in! (He can also do more intriguing things with his hands.)

    10. Have a quickie
    Here’s another one to take pressure off! Every now and then, have sex just to see how fast he can be satisfied. The benefits? He can totally just enjoy you. And YOU get to see how powerful you really are.


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