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    10 ex- Arsenal Stars That Come Back To Haunt Us


    So, on Monday, Patrick Vieira makes an emotional homecoming to Arsenal.

    It’s been unusually rare for players who previously played for us in the Premier League to face us as managers. However, there have been a few gunners who have returned to haunt us in different ways. Some did it out of respect for us, while others clearly liked pulling one over on their former team.

    Here are ten gunners who have returned to wreak havoc on us. Is Vieira going to be added to the list on Monday?

    10- Eduardo

    10 ex- Arsenal Stars That Come Back To Haunt Us
    10 ex- Arsenal Stars That Come Back To Haunt Us

    I figured I’d start with a happy one. Eduardo’s consolation goal for Shakhtar Donetsk was one of the few instances the Emirates cheered an opponent scoring against them in the Champions League.

    Sentimental because it appeared that hurting his leg in Birmingham had taken away all of his abilities, so this demonstrated that he could still compete at this level.

    When he got the winner in Ukraine two weeks later, Gooners were less sentimental.

    9- Van Bronkhorst

    Despite winning a league title and two FA Cups in England, Gio was never able to establish himself in our starting lineup due to a ligament injury. As a result, we were delighted to lend him to Barcelona on the condition that they acquire him for two million euros.

    We had no idea he would reinvent himself as a left-back, with Spain regarded as his greatest ever form.

    The bitter irony is that we had gifted Barcelona with an asset who would appear in every round of their Champions League triumph, including the Final…. against us!

    For merely 2 million dollars, we had provided our opponents with a top-notch fullback! This was a remarkable turnaround for a player who had been regarded as a squad member at Highbury.

    8- David O’Leary

    No one has played for Arsenal more than the Irishman, therefore his reputation as an Arsenal great would be secure both before and after his time as Leeds manager.

    O’Leary was very loud towards us, perhaps because he was focused on his own coaching career or trying to impress his current employers.

    With Leeds attempting to supplant us as United’s main adversaries, our matches against them would become increasingly aggressive and unpredictable, both on and off the field.

    Both teams would accuse the other of being the problem, prompting the FA to call a meeting of both clubs’ directors to discuss the issues.

    Instead, O Leary would claim that we were faking it because we were worried about them overtaking us.


    7- Fabregas

    Chelsea v Arsenal - Mirror Online

    You’d think a day couldn’t get any worse when you’re 2-0 down to Chelsea. The ball is then passed to our former captain, who has an open goal to shoot at.

    I still believe the Spaniard hesitates before chipping the ball in, realizing the significance of the moment.

    The midfielder could not have done more in the aftermath of the game to express his admiration for Arsenal.


    6- Anelka

    Anelka never developed into the striker many projected when he was a teenager at Highbury, despite winning everything there was to win in club football.

    That’s largely because of his brothers, who urged him to sell whatever he owned to the highest bidder all across the world.

    Since then, the Frenchman has confessed that he regrets leaving Arsenal and that he wished to return in 2006 before joining Bolton.

    He would score seven goals against us between three clubs.


    5- David Bentley

    Celebrate Bentley's birthday with his amazing goal at Arsenal

    I appreciate the thrill of scoring from 40 yards out, but did Bentley appear to relish scoring for Tottenham against us a little too much?

    You’d think he scored the winner in a cup final based on his post-match interview, not that he scored the first goal in a 4-4 draw!

    Perhaps he was disappointed that he didn’t receive more opportunities at the Emirates after graduating from our academy, but it was no disgrace not to be able to break into the Invincibles midfield.

    Regrettably, the midfielder attempted to build his entire reputation on this one incident.


    4- Giroud

    Giroud seems to have mocked Arsenal celebrating Europa League win -

    You’d think I’d give him a higher ranking because he scored against us in the Europa League Final?

    When emotion is removed, though, some Gooners deserved Giroud to have the final laugh over us. Many in our fanbase didn’t seem to mind him moving to Chelsea because it opened the way for Aubameyang’s arrival, despite him being derided as a lampost (among other things).

    Despite the fact that Auba and Laca were both without a kick in Baku, Giroud’s header broke the deadlock in an evening in which he harassed us.

    We never replaced him as a backup plan.


    3- Van Persie

    Was Robin van Persie right to celebrate his goal for Manchester United against Arsenal?

    Van Persie’s departure to Old Trafford after composing a letter declaring Gooners Arsenal lacked ambition was maybe the best example of the gap that now existed between us and Man United.

    I’ve never been irritated with his statements because they’ve always been proven right.

    However, him scoring against us was like kicking us while we were down and rubbing our faces in the muck.

    He didn’t seem to want to celebrate the first time he scored against us.

    His position had changed on the two occasions that followed, no doubt as a result of hearing specific shouting.


    2- Ashley Cole

    Ashley Cole says Arsenal fans' backlash over his Chelsea move still affects  him | Football News | Sky Sports

    Ashley Cole was caught in a secret meeting with Chelsea’s Mourinho and Mr Kenyon in January 2005. Weeks before our only ever UCL Final, the left-back would be punished.

    The fullback continues to deny any wrongdoing, and it’s commonly forgotten that his contract was extended following the scandal.

    He received his transfer the following summer when he ‘nearly crashed my car’ when he learned that Arsenal’s new deal was only for £55,000 per week.

    To be fair, he never did anything unprofessional against us, and he never responded to the taunts.

    It hurt because he did so brilliantly at Chelsea, winning every club award imaginable, whereas we haven’t won the EPL title since he left.


    1- Adebayor

    Emmanuel Adebayor trolls Arsenal fans again on 10-year anniversary of that famous celebration | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

    When our former striker scored against us at the Etihad, he retaliated by sprinting the length of the pitch in front of the Arsenal supporters.

    A part of the away end retaliated by throwing projectiles at him, including their chairs.

    The forward went into great detail regarding the sort of abuse he was experiencing, indicating that the Gooners were a bit to be blamed.

    Togo’s captain also said that Arsenal misled the public by claiming that he was forced to join Man City when, in fact, it was they who wanted him to leave.

    At the Emirates, he also found the net in an NLD, but he wisely let the celebrations come to him.


    Will Vieira come back to haunt us on Monday?

    Be Kind in The Comments



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      they bit the same fingers that fed them… IRONIC

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      John Adeleke

      this is what they call poetic justice

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      the gunners in the mud again

    • #25917

      What an irony of life. The people you will meet on your way up can be met on your way down.


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