While growing up, I was told that the Youths are leaders of tomorrow. The question now is, how are the parents training the youths so that they fulfill their purpose in life? In today’s post, I am lending my voice for parents to give their children the future they desire.

    The apparent cumulative effect of the economic downturn has made home-keeping and training of children to become an ordeal. Parents should see this as a challenge and be determined not only to wade through it but to balance up their responsibilities towards their children to ensure they are given a bright future.

     Certainly, it is, the duty of parents to provide for their children, but this should not be at the expense of neglecting proper upbringing. Unexpectedly, it is the desire of every good parent to see their wards becoming useful in the family and in society at large.

    Nevertheless, for this desire to be met, those fundamental truths; moral and spiritual values must be imparted to them. The proper home training will show them the way of life and how to live an excellent life. This recognition is further strengthening in Is. 28:9-10.

    This implies that for teaching and training to be effective, there is a need for constant goal-setting on their spiritual lives and growth, academic pursuit, domestic chores, and social activities. These goals must be renewed constantly to forestall any kind of aimless living.

    However, this should be backed up by the free flow of communication between parents and the children who in turn give them a feeling of love, acceptance, and intimacy. As a parent, do you really know who your children are? Where they go? Who are their friends? What are their talents and choice of career? How is their relationship with God?

     Therefore, your closeness and knowledge of your children are paramount important. If you are not available at home to take care of them, you cannot give them a future. If you left them for work in the morning without family devotion, instruction and direction then you come back home always late in the night when they are already asleep, the possibility of helping them is quite remote.

    Regrettably, the future of many children looks bleak because of the failure on part of their parents to give them priority in life. As a result of this, the children would be derailed and exposed to vices such as alcoholism, immorality, stealing, prostitution, and negative concept about God and other evils.

    The increasing wave of crimes committed by juveniles is becoming worrisome. But the real problem is parental delinquency. In a real sense, it is the parent that should be blamed for the failure to carry out their obligations. In every child’s formative years, he begins to acquire virtues that shape his entire future. The parent should be prompt at molding their children and give them a sound moral and spiritual framework to lean on.

     The youths need your assistance to become leaders in the future, and the future is now. I hope this write-up will help the parents to do the needful. Your comments are welcome. 

    Kufre Ekpo is a Content Creator. Check him online at 1 year, 8 months ago

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