1. PRAYER: Make your courtship a period of serious prayer and fasting. You need to pray about your relationship, love, academics, job, proposed residence, wedding, children, friends, conception, delivery, in-laws, spiritual life and others. Do not hesitate to touch all areas of your life in prayer before you get married. It is very important to pray together in courtship. It is good for your future (for more on this, get these two books of mine- 500 PRAYER POINTS FOR SINGLES and 20 WEDDINGS THAT MUST NOT TAKE PLACE).
  1. STUDY TOGETHER: Study the Bible and other Christian books (especially those on marriage). Lay a solid foundation for your home based on the word of God. If the WORD does not affect you, the WORLD will afflict you.
  1. DISCUSS AND PLAN TOGETHER: Plan your future together. Discuss together.
  1. GO OUT TOGETHER: You need to visit your family members and attend seminars, Christian events and other godly social events together.

  1. SEEK COUNSEL: Pre-marital counselling is very important during courtship. Don’t feel too big for it. Seek counsel. In fact, you must have a marriage mentor. Choose a godly couple as your mentor and learn from them.
  1. PREPARE TOGETHER: Prepare for your wedding and future home together. Adequate preparation should be made to make your wedding and marriage successful.
  1. SERVE GOD TOGETHER: Go on missions, evangelise on buses, at prisons, hospitals, etc.
  1. WRITE letters, e-mails and make phone calls to each other.
  1. HAVE COMMON MENTORS, preferably a Christian couple that had a pure courtship and happily married.
  1. ATTEND MARRIAGE SCHOOL TOGETHER. If you are based in Lagos, Nigeria, you can attend our marriage school, College Of Marital Success. If you are outside Lagos, you can take the course by correspondence. Call 08056457013 for more information or E-mail us: familybooster@yahoo.com.

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